Here, a (partial) list of my recent activities:

  • (1/10/2022) Starting from the 1st of October 2022, I’m an Assistant Professor at the Deparment of Computer Science, KU Leuven. Super excited to start this new experience in this amazing group!
  • (29/09/2022) I have given an invited lecture at the Reasoning Web Summer School, during the Declarative AI conference, on the connections between StarAI and neural symbolic:
  • (15/09/2022) We have two accepted papers at NeurIPS 2022. Congratulations to Eleonora and to Mateo and Pietro! More details to come!
  • (03/08/2022) I have presented our DeepStochLog framework on Deep Stochastic Logic Programming at ICLP 2022 (withing FLOC 2022).
  • (15-16/07/2022) It is amazing to be together again in person at SmiLee, our internal workshop! DTAI have been doing amazing work!